Mother Maker Podcast

I started Mother Maker in 2017 with a vision of new moms reading these stories while they were feeding their babies. My goal has always been to publish the stories of all kinds of artist mothers so that I could begin to build a community of women who support and inspire one another. 

I’ve always hoped to give our audience the option to listen to our inspiring interviews as well as read them in text form. After many months of learning the ropes of podcasting, it’s finally here! Now you can hear new Mother Maker interviews in audio form via iTunes or here on the website. 

And don’t worry - for those who like the existing format, we will be continuing to publish the podcast interviews in written form.

As always, we love hearing from you. If you have feedback on a Mother Maker Podcast episode or want to suggest an interview, email me at I am always looking for visual, performing and literary artists who are raising humans while making work. 

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