Mother Maker is an online magazine featuring conversations with artists who are mothers. We share these stories as a source of inspiration for other artists who are embarking on the journey of motherhood, creating a community of women who make work while raising humans.

Emma Koi, Founder

“I am a classical flutist, a modern dancer, a yogi, a performance artist, a wife and a mother, living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Like many artists, I was working as a freelancer and had not yet nailed my dream job at the age of 32 when my husband and I decided to start a family. Within a month of trying, we were pregnant, and thrilled to welcome our baby boy into the world.

Our son, Henry, was born in January of 2016, and we were in love. But I began to have an identity crisis. I found myself having to choose between sleeping, doing house work, getting exercise, or practicing my instrument while my son napped. Any unpaid projects were completely out of the question, unless they happened after 8pm. My thoughts were scattered, and I mourned my work. The profound love I felt for my son was undeniable, but I felt afraid for the future of my identity as an artist. This journey has inspired me to seek out other mothers who are making it work, to learn from them, and to share their wisdom with the world.”

The Team

  • Emma Koi, founder
  • Alissa Zimmerman-Exley, copy editor
  • Jason Koi, web

Photo Credit: Amanda Couch